There’s Bad News If You Already Own a Copy of Modern Warfare: Remastered


The bad news just keeps piling up. After an earlier announcement regarding Activision’s re-release of Modern Warfare: Remastered separate from Infinite Warfare, Activision gave us even more to be upset about.

Credit: Activision

Despite the fact that Modern Warfare: Remastered will be re-released as a standalone title, gamers who don’t buy the new version will still be tethered to their copy of Infinite Warfare. That’s right, even though the game will be released separately, gamers who have already purchased Infinite Warfare + Modern Warfare: Remastered will not be gifted a separate virtual copy of the game. Instead, they’ll still have to put the Infinite Warfare disc in their console every time they want to play Modern Warfare.

Credit: Activision

On top of that, the earlier statement from Activision regarding the standalone re-release of Modern Warfare remastered contained even more bad news for gamers. The game will cost fans $40 (a ridiculous amount for a re-release of a remaster) and it won’t even include the $15 of DLC that have been released so far. That puts the price tag for the new version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered to $55.

Credit: Activision

It’s very possible that Activision made this poorly received decision as a smart business move- there are probably quite a few gamers out there that will buy the re-release plus DLC just so they can get rid of the Infinite Warfare disc. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Remastered will be released later this month.

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